Looking at the Trends in 1980s Fashion now in 2018

1980s Fashion is making a comeback, as more and more people are starting to resurrect the fashion trends of 80s vintage clothing. Many people in their 30s are reverting back to 80s vintage clothing, perhaps because it makes them nostalgic for a time when the world was a simpler place or perhaps to relive their childhood.

Some of the most popular 1980s vintage clothing was leg warmers, acid washed jeans, and stirrup pants. Leg warmers were worn with miniskirts, jeans, dresses, and knit pants in those days. Now they are worn as much for warmth as for fashion, but in the 80s they were simply a fashion statement.

vintage clothingThough wearing acid jeans was a short-lived trend, it was popular by the mid-80s among teenage girls and young women. While most people wore navy blue acid jeans in those days, the jeans were also available in black. To some extent they were also available in teal, gold, red and purple but these colours didn’t make as much of an impact on the fashion conscious as the traditional navy blue did.

singerThese days, acid washed jeans can be found in kids’ sizes and usually come in pink. The navy blue acid washed jeans have come back into style with such stars as Nicole Richie, and can still be purchased in women’s clothing stores today. By the mid-1980s stirrup pants had become popular.

Back then they were worn with oversized sweaters, sweatshirts and belted shirts. Since the stirrup pants have made a comeback, they can be found in such stores as Old Navy and designer Jean Paul Gauthier sells a pair for the retail value of £895.00.

In the 1980s, certain TV shows had an impact on the fashion world. One of these shows was Dynasty. During the era of Dynasty, shoulder pads became a popular fad among women. The star of Dynasty, Linda Evans, had naturally broad shoulders and the wardrobe department wanted the other female characters to have broad shoulders also. The female characters on Dynasty also wore the all-in-one body teddy, also known as a bodysuit. This was a favourite choice of the wardrobe department for the show’s bedroom scenes.

Dallas was another 1980s show that influenced the fashion world. Both Dynasty and Dallas showcased their female stars in brightly coloured dresses and skirts. Shades of purple, royal blue, and red dresses were worn by characters on both shows.

In conclusion, many individuals are looking back on the fashion in the 80s and are really following it today as a way of doing what people in those days used to do.