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Link Art 02Our blog is dedicated to giving our readers and clickers the best possible linking experience. We’re committed to not over linking but would like to provide you with a few positive links each week that will help you better understand the services we value and the content we believe is important on the web. If you’re looking to link quickly drop us a comment and we’ll gladly connect your content to a powerful blog like ours.

Blogs may one day go the way of the dodo and be done away with as sources of optimization juice but until that time we’ll see that writing content for the internet is always a useful and productive way of making things stand out. We will write about these kinds of things until the cows come in if it will get your links to the top of the search pages.

It’s our goal to link quickly, you to the content you want and the content you want to get out there to the people you want to have see it. If you’re interested in seeing how much you can do with this for your business or blog, then we’re excited to work with you.


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